Vidya Lakshmi Eduxational Loan Scheme

Vidya Lakshmi Eduxational Loan Scheme

 Vidya Lakshmi- Education Loan

This is scheme to enable all poor and middle class students who want to pursue higher education of their choice without any hindrance of funds.
“Vidya Lakshmi is a single window under PM Vidya Lakshmi Karyakaram for students to access information and make applications for educational loans provided by banks as also government scholarships,” it added.
The portal will provide information about educational loan schemes of banks; common educational loan application form for students; facility to apply to multiple banks for educational loans; and facility for banks to download students’ loan applications.


Vidya Lakshmi is a first of its kind portal for students seeking Education Loan. This portal has been developed under the guidance of Department of Financial Services, (Ministry of Finance) , Department of Higher Education (Ministry of Education) and Indian Banks Association (IBA).The portal has been developed and being maintained by NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited
Students can view, apply and track the education loan applications to banks anytime, anywhere by accessing the portal. The portal also provides linkages to National Scholarship Portal.
A student can apply to a maximum of three Banks through Vidya Lakshmi portal using CELAF.
13 banks have registered 22 educational loan schemes on the Vidya Lakshmi Portal and five banks have integrated their system with the portal. Some of these banks SBI, IDBI Bank and Bank of India, Canara Bank and Union Bank  have integrated their system with the portal.
How to Avail the Loan
The applicant must register and login to Vidya Lakshmi portal and then fill-up the Common Education Loan Application Form (CELAF). Student must providel the necessary details. After filling the form, the applicant can search for Educational Loan and APPLY as per his/her needs, eligibility and convenience.
Alternatively, the applicant can also search for Educational Loan after login and apply for the suitable Educational Loan by filling the CELAF.
Disbursal of loan
Approved Educational Loan of an applicant will be disbursed directly by the bank outside the Vidya Lakshmi Portal. Student must contact the bank you have selected.


The Common Educational Loan Application Form is the single form which students can fill to apply for Educational Loan to multiple banks / schemes. CELAF is the application form prescribed by Indian Banks Association (IBA) and accepted by all banks. This form is provided on Vidya Lakshmi portal to apply for Educational loan.
Register/Sign up
Students are required to complete sign up process to register on Vidya Lakshmi portal. Only Students who have completed “Sign up” / “Registration” process can apply for educational loan through Vidya Lakshmi portal.
Loan Approval
The Bank will update the status of the application on Vidya Lakshmi portal. Students can view the status of the application on the applicant’s dashboard on the portal.
Application rejection
You may not be eligible as per the norms laid down by the selected banks. Please contact the selected banks for more details.
Loan Application on Hold
The Bank will mark the loan application status to on hold when the bank requires some further information or documents to be submitted by the student. The requirement will be indicated in the Remarks column and Student can check the same in the dashboard.
Interest Rate on Loan
The interest rate varies from bank to bank and scheme to scheme. Therefore, the applicant/student is requested to check the same on Loan Search page after login.
You can proceed by providing the following details on the website when you sign up-:
  • Name- 
Please enter student name as per 10th class marksheet or as per the marksheet attached with your loan application
  • Mobile Number-
Enter a valid mobile number. Student can provide mobile number of parent/guardian
  • Email ID- 
Enter a valid email ID. Email ID will not be allowed to change. All necessary communications will be sent on this email ID.