Does MBA/PGDBM Gives You Job?

Does MBA/PGDBM Gives You Job?

 Title: Does MBA/PGDBM Gives You Job?

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Does MBA/PGDBM Give You a Job?

“An MBA/PGDBM can ignite your career and make you stand out in the jobs market.”

MBA or PGDBM have become essential specializations. Why? Because management graduates command more weight in the job market.

A survey shows how employers increasingly prefer to recruit MBA graduates. Hiring Managers agree that management degrees prepare individuals to be successful in their organizations.

Moreover, there is no shortage of job opportunities after MBA/PGDBM. Reports suggest that even amid Covid-19, MBA starting salaries remain high. The median wage of management graduates is $105,000, i.e., approximately 75% more than bachelor’s degree holders.

So, if you’re on the fence about pursuing a management degree, you have come to the right place. Read on to understand how MBA/PGDBM can take your career to unimagined heights.

Can MBA/PGDBM Guarantee a Job in the Post Pandemic World?

Qualification is not the only factor that guarantees a job or a better salary. Your skills and experiences are the deciding factors as well.

Organizations need versatile professionals to deal with the after-effects of the crisis. They need people who can integrate a culture of innovation and cross-functional collaboration. Digital upskilling and technical advancements help you stay relevant in the job market.

According to Corporate Recruiters Survey 2020, skilled MBA/PGDBM graduates will be in high demand in the post-pandemic jobs market, but why?

It’s because these specializations can augment your skills to face business challenges in real-time. 89% of employers are planning to hire management graduates in 2021 because the true essence lies in

acquiring new skills
versatility and
thriving in the competitive marketplace.
The following are some reasons how an MBA/PGDBM degree will help you become job-ready.

Develops Innovative and Strategic Thinking Skills
More than 59% of global corporate recruiters identify strategic and innovative thinking skills as the most crucial talents for current job openings.

Organizations will need people who can analyze data, draw insights, and make informed decisions. These skills differentiate a management graduate from other hires. You’ll be able to weigh many options and think outside-the-box to address a problem.

Enhances Adaptability and Versatility
In the new normal, most of the corporate employees are working remotely. This restriction of geographical mobility is continuing even post-pandemic. Everything is digital now, so adapting to these scenarios and working well under pressure is the topmost priority.

The industry-oriented course curriculum of MBA/PGDBM empowers you to work and perform in a high-pressure work environment. The consulting projects can help you prioritize tasks, stick to deadlines, and take responsibilities.

Improves Interpersonal Skills
Almost 60% of recruiters believe that interpersonal skills will grow in demand over the next five years. An MBA/PGDBM degree focuses on building these skills.

Management graduates can negotiate and communicate better with different stakeholders. You also become a creative problem solver to navigate situations with no existing resolution model.

Sharpens Leadership Skills
In the post-Covid era, corporations will expect professionals to display leadership abilities and navigate difficult situations. MBA/PGDBM qualifications offer you leadership experience through experiential learning programs in an educational environment.

Embraces Upskilling and Digital Transformation
Most of the organizations are going digital to cope with the challenges during the crisis. Recruiters will look for skilled and technologically upskilled candidates to manage different operations.

Does it Matter from Where You Get Your MBA/PGDBM?

Undoubtedly, a degree from a top-ranking business school provides a powerful endorsement in the job market. But, over time, the difference between institutes is vanishing. With an MBA/PGDBM, your career progression and the industry will matter more.

The top institutes do have their advantages, but what matters is the specialization that have opportunities. Your future employers will recognize your expertise, even if you did not get your qualification from a brand name college.
When it comes to MBA/PGDBM, there are many learning formats to consider. These include online programs, traditional on-campus courses, part-time, weekend, and executive programs.